Dray Dray – “You Thought you was Kobe?”



Date Released: 2.28.17

Duration: 50min

Rating: 3/5

Draymond Green is a fierce competitor. As one of the league’s top antagonists, Green has built a reputation as a trash-talking blue-collar genius equipped of all kinds of athletic and verbal weaponry.

In episode four of the Dray Dray pod, he puts much-needed context to his in-game vitriolic comments towards L.A. Clippers forward and NBA all-time great Paul Pierce, who will retire after the season.

Green explains how before he put his trash-talker hat on, Pierce instigated the situation from the comfort of his bench seat by encouraging teammate Blake Griffin to go at Green by saying: “Cook him BG, he can’t check you!” At this point Green turned to Pierce and as a few words were exchanged Pierce yelled: “You don’t belong on the court. You’re a bum. You wouldn’t be s*** if you wasn’t on this team.”

What ensued has been widely covered, however the click-baits only include the “You thought you was Kobe?!” excerpt, omitting “Chasing that farewell tour, they don’t love you like that, you can’t get that farewell tour, they don’t love you like that, you thought you was Kobe?!”

Ouch. Any accomplished NBA veteran on their way out would feel some type of way after hearing those words, especially in front of your teammates and coaching staff. While this is a tough pill to swallow for Pierce, Green exposes Pierce’s entire career using the Kobe farewell tour as measurement for success.


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