Forbes Under 30 – Jim Gilliam



Date released: 15.2.17

Duration: 28min

Rating: 5/5

Jim Gilliam, Founder and CEO of NationBuilder*, takes time to speak with Forbes about the power of connections.

In less than half an hour, the author of the book ‘The Internet is My Religion’ depicts his Christian upbringing and how the religion passed on to him by his parents began to fade when he discovered the web.

Almost chronologically, Gilliam transports us through the different events in his life that have molded the way he thinks, sees people and approaches life.

Describing 9/11 as a turning point, Gilliam remembers how the West propaganda that ensued falsely portrayed the Islamic community, causing him to find refuge in the internet. By accumulating objective information he found online, Gilliam began making movies and documentaries about Middle Eastern countries with his friends. As he did this, he became one of the first ever crowd-funders.

The topic of God creeps in the background for most of the conversation until Gilliam, a two-time cancer survivor, addresses it once and for all.

This is required listening.

*NationBuilder is a software for leaders, helping them grow their communities


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