Note to Self – Will You Do a Snapchat Streak with me?

note to self


Date released: 3.8.17

Duration: 18min

Rating: 5/5

Everyone is talking about Snapchat. After going public on Monday and amassing a company valuation of over $20 billion, the entire tech world has its eyes fixed on the social media company and its CEO Evan Spiegel.

The 26-year old tech mogul has been working extremely hard with his team of engineers to fix the profit margin issue tech experts keep flagging when talking about the app.

Social media companies are great at connecting people, however monetizing this core aspect almost always proves to be an arduous and complex task, just ask Twitter.

In this eye-opening episode of Note to Self, host Manoush Zomorodi speaks with former Goggle designer Tristan Harris to find out the different ways social media corporations drive their profits all while understanding the new craze that is the Snapchat Streak.

With Snapchat Streak, a feature that shows users how many days in a row they’ve shared something with their friends, Harris explains that Snapchat has created a semi-addictive culture that keeps millennials glued on the app and use it as a primary source of communication.

Indulge in some brain food.


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